Reputation Management (Marketing) is everything in the business world…

Reputation Management (Marketing) Services

Effective and planned reputation marketing services for immediate results.

Reputation-Marketing-The-Art-ofReputation management (marketing) is everything in the business world. If you have a bad online reputation, then customers are going to avoid using your business. If you don’t have any search engine reputation at all, then clients will hesitate to trust you, even if they manage to hear about you.

If you have a good reputation, then your company should be willing to do anything to maintain that positive image. At Marketing By Permission, we understand that reputation management is very important and critical to online success, which is why we offer an expert online reputation marketing improvement service.

Marketing By Permission works as your online search engine reputation management specialist by first deciding what kind of reputation you already have. We then customize an online reputation management improvement strategy just for you, whether you need a new reputation, want to maintain a good one, or want to get rid of a bad reputation online.

The key steps as detailed below:

  1. Have a customer review or reputation marketing plan mapped out for your business. We provide training for your employees.
  2. Let customers know from the beginning you’re committed to excellent service and will ask them to complete a review.
  3. Send them an email message with a link to our proprietary reputation marketing software. Our software will help you gather, publish and market your reputation.
  4. Have a straightforward call to action in your email message.
  5. Mitigate any issues that may have cropped up by asking them to contact you directly with any concerns.
  6. Ask for the review. Don’t ask = don’t get. Most customers are more than happy to support you and will give you an honest and positive review.

Online Reputation Monitoring

User Friendly Dashboard

Our insightful reporting will let you know how many reviews you have, how many our algorithm says you need to get back to a 5 Star Review and your total amount of reviews found on the top local directories.

We break it down even further to each of those local directories so you can see where you are getting a good amount of engagement or where you may need help in getting rating elevated to where it should be.

Online Reputation Scoring

If you don’t know your score.  You don’t know what needs to be done. We score your reputation by location and by combining all the third party review sites.  We score you from poor to great.

Knowing the whole picture allows us to be more effective.  We will compare your separate locations independently as well.  Then compare those results with your local competition.

Local Reputation Marketing

Optimize Your Presence

We optimize the most important local listings so that we are able to engage with your customers quickly.  Connect all your profiles, verify your business name, address, and phone numbers.

We ensure that your listings are correct and help to get them found more easily.  This will make it easier for more customers to find you.

We will score your current reputation and collect all the current reviews about you on these sites.  Giving us a better picture of what will be needed to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Five Star Development

Creating an online reputation needs multiple ways to engage with your customers.  Ways that fit your daily business activities with little disruption, and ways that fit the personalities of your customers.

That is why we help you create post cards, window clings, flyers, stickers, table tents, bookmarks and more…

All these can be used to to direct your customers to a custom landing page to complete feedback pages and surveys.  Giving your customers a voice and a way to communicate their experiences with you.  More importantly, a place to collect feedback in one place that is easily monitored.

Manage Multiple Locations

We have the ability to help you manage multiple locations all in one place.  Our portal can let you view each location separately so you can see which is performing better.  Setup different ways to engage your customers when leaving feedback based on that locations specific needs, size, and demographics.

No better way to get control of your online reputation on a corporate level as a whole and down to a specific location.  All managed through our easy to use dashboard.

Custom Mobile App

Custom App for Android devices.  Most popular in medial offices, home service companies, and automotive dealers.  Using a tablet will be easy for you to take along and get instant feedback and reviews.

Some customers have even setup small kiosks to capture feedback instantly from the customers from within their showroom or medical offices.

A study done by Neilsen in 2012 suggests that 70% of all consumers trust online reviews (a 15% increase in the last four years), second only to personal recommendations.

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