Orthodontist Case Study:

Eight New Patients in less than a month.

It seemed impossible to Dr. Erica at one point, but not anymore. Surprisingly to her, it was video marketing that made all the difference.


The Problem

Orthodontist Dr. Erica knew that online marketing was the best way to attract new clients, but she wasn’t seeing the results that her competitors seemed to enjoy. She had tried other online methods of attracting, educating and bringing in new clients, but it wasn’t until a video producer contacted her to do an expert interview and position that “expert interview” segment on Google that Dr. Erica began to experience success.

How It Helped

The expert interview that Dr. Erica shot was turned into a professional video segment that highlighted her expertise as a top orthodontist. Then it was uploaded and optimized for local search results in her city.  The video was ranked high in a Google search for her keywords and city.  Our approach included using targeted keywords that helped local searchers find her practice. It worked brilliantly.

The Results

When Dr. Ericaʼs video began to get traffic, she was quickly convinced of what we already knew to hold true: great videos are one of the fastest ways to position yourself as an expert and pre-sell the “customer” in any given field.  People can quickly find your videos on Google, which initiates the first step in the marketing “trust continuum.” First you get people to know you, then they like you, and then they trust you.  Simply put, video just does that faster.

The results of Dr. Ericaʼs professional video are easy to read: She got eight new patients in the first month of debuting the video. Even better, Dr. Erica reported that each new patient was ready to start work and didnʼt need a lot of introduction, because theyʼd already learned what they needed to know through the videos.

At one point Dr. Erica wouldnʼt have believed that a simple video interview could have blossomed into a marketing machine — but certainly not anymore.

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