It was only a short while ago that very few people had heard of Pinterest. Now it is up there with the big boys of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

This is great news for your business because Pinterest is now a referral traffic goldmine that converts visitors into buyers at a much higher rate than any other social media platform.

Before Pinterest came along it was Facebook that held the number one position for referral traffic and conversions. It is still a very important platform as its conversion rates are high…but Pinterest is better!

Pinterest has taken things to a brand new level and now drives more sales than Facebook.

Not only that, but Pinterest users spend more than twice as much as Facebook users. This means that your business needs to get involved with Pinterest right now. It is the perfect time as Pinterest is still a baby, so it is vital to get in early so that as it grows and expands, your business and sales will too.

1. Notify your list and customers, letting them know that you are on Pinterest. Be sure to include an exclusive invitation for them to join you. For extra impact, inset a screen shot of one of your boards, giving them a sneak peak of all of the great content that you feature on Pinterest.

2. Pinterest has a built in “invite” function on the site. This is perfect for inviting your Facebook and Twitter followers to join you on Pinterest.

3. Add a “Follow Me on Pinterest” button to your blog or website.

4. Always add a message and a CTA (call to action) to the image itself. This simple tip will result in an 80% increase on engagement with your followers.

5. This is a great tip for raising your profile and making you more visible to a wider audience: Whenever someone ‘repins’ you, take a few minutes to leave a comment so that your image appears below the “pinned from” link.

6. Everybody loves a freebie. Post an image of something that you are giving away. Then add a call to action so that they know to click on the image to claim their free copy.

7. Make good use of social media by posting news of your Pinterest account on all of your other social media accounts such as Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook etc.

8. Make it a habit to include a clickable link in the description box below your image, making sure that you also include http:// before the website address.

9. Remember that this is a social bookmarking site so be strategic with the links that you add to your images. For example, don’t just link to your main URL address. Instead link to a specific page or post within your site relating to the image that you posted. This will help you get more sales.

10. Saturdays are great days to pin as there is more activity on a Saturday which will result in higher engagement than other days.

11. First impressions are very important so make sure that you organise your boards so that your niche specific boards appear in the top row. It will look neat and organised and make it easier for your followers to find what they are looking for.
12. Pin tutorials, guides, How-to’s and recipes if you want even more activity. These 4 categories are proven to get a 42% higher click through rate.

13. Follow popular Pinners in your niche who target the same audience as you do. Then make a point of commenting on their board, ‘liking’ them and repin their pins. You will attract a new following very quickly.

14. Here is a really clever idea: pin QR codes to your boards and include a written call to action. Not only will you get people clicking on the image itself but you will also drive a lot of traffic to your site from those who choose to scan the code.