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Based in Rockford, IL. we have been providing professional SEO consulting, digital strategy and website design services since 2003

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Are you in need of a new website for your business, or looking to redesign your current one?

80% of your potential customers visit your website before coming to your business. You need a beautiful, functional, responsive website to be your reception area, public relations face and salesperson on the internet.

Let us help you design a website that actually grows your business!

Your website is more than just an online brochure – it’s also your brand identity and marketing tool. That means it needs to be professional, engaging, and most importantly – user-friendly! With our help, we can make sure your site reflects who you are as a company or individual while providing an exceptional experience for everyone who visits. It doesn’t matter if you have no idea where to start or simply need some guidance on what works best – we have years of experience doing this type of work so let us take care of everything from A-Z!

What We Do

Marketing Services


We provide professional, fast and affordable websites that matches your business’s specific needs


We can manage your SEO or PPC campaigns to deliver the best results at the lowest price possible


We can manage your PPC campaigns to deliver the best results,


Jorge Garza
Jorge Garza
Jon was extremely great in helping me solve my website problems. He was patient, attentive, and very simple with the guidance. He was all ears to see what it was that he could exactly help me with and he nailed it. Definitely will be calling Jon again for the future updates on my website.
Zach Lynde
Zach Lynde
Jon was incredibly helpful not only on SEO, but in all aspects of business. Our quick consultation left me with a ton of new information and practical steps to take to improve my business.
Roque A. Deleon
Roque A. Deleon
Simply one of the best marketers I've had the pleasure of speaking with. Jon knows his stuff and has years of experience to prove it. He has a deep understanding of business, marketing, as well as the technical know-how to make your campaigns a success. Thank you so much for your help!
Matt Acevedo
Matt Acevedo
Great service and great advice...thank you again
Matthew Acevedo
Matthew Acevedo
Highly Recommended! Honestly Jon was awesome. He was completely honest with me and even sent me off with some advice. He is very knowledgeable in marketing and SEO. I had done my research on both and thought I had addressed all areas with my business, but he showed me where I was lacking or could use some improvement. This was the first time I ever chatted with him and he was the first company I called, but I can tell you I will look not further. Super impressed.
Maximiliano Lopez
Maximiliano Lopez
I spent 10 minutes on the phone with Jon Muranko from Muranko Marketing SEO Consulting about GMB.Needless to say he showed me one strategy which will add so much value it is ridiculous. ROI is off the charts.I highly recommend Jon Muranko based on his knowledge he was able to demonstrate on our initial Conversation.Please note I am in the industry and looking for someone to optimize over 377 GMB Locations as it a big project to undertake.Picture of me Giving the Thumbs Up.Jon Muranko, Thank you for your time and value added conversation.Look forward to speaking soon.
Mark Rowan
Mark Rowan
Jon is true marketing professional. He knows how to help companies get found online and generate more business. To top it off, he is a delightful guy! I highly recommend working with Muranko Marketing if you want real results with your marketing efforts.
Brian C Saviano
Brian C Saviano
Jon is an extremely knowledgeable on search engine optimization and website design. He has the experience to back up his claims and very good at his craft. I highly recommend him.
David Hubbard
David Hubbard
I'm super impressed. Jon got right down to the nuts and bolts of what we need to do. Jon knows his stuff. Not to mention, he's in my home town.
Zachary Love
Zachary Love
Jon and his team are incredibly knowledgeable and always seem to be one step ahead of the marketplace. Super down to earth and easy to work with. It's nice to have an expert to go to in this area of business since the Internet can be quite an overwhelming place to enter for marketing.

Over 16 Years Reputation for Excellence

We have over 16 years of experience providing top-quality website design and digital marketing services to small businesses. We grow together with our clients and we’re dedicated to providing the highest design standard in the field


We offer new customers 20% discount on full website design and 10% discount on redesigns and other services


Our websites are 100% SEO friendly and we provide free on-page optimization for all website packages


We design websites that can actually convert your visitors to leads and ultimately sales and revenues


For over 16 years, we've been providing professional, fast, and SEO optimized websites for businesses. Below are some of our recent works and testimonials.




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